sakya tasi choling

By Jetsun Dragpa Gyaltsen
Edited by Acharya Migmar Tseten

I prostrate to Manjughosa.

I am gripped by defilement, faithful to samsaric Dharma,
enjoy talking, diligent in speaking of the faults of others,
without comprehending my own faults, I compete with the inferior,
turn away from this conduct which is opposed to benefit!

Be diligent in recalling (the faults) of the dharmas of samsara,
always remember going for refuge
to the Three Jewels day and night;
be diligent in any of the vows of individual liberation that have been obtained.

In order to hold the lineage of the Bodhisattvas,
be very faithful to bodhicitta,
recite the Seven Limb Prayer,
and the Sutra of the Three Heaps during the three times.

Without sleeping, practice yoga (of sadhana) diligently
in the first and last parts of the night.
After arising from the meditation sessions,
practice the path of conduct as it occurs in the sutras and treatises.

Persevere in the root and branch samayas,
be diligent in offering to the Holy Guru,
protect the minds of all sentient beings.

When waves of negative conceptually occur,
abandon them by developing the antidotes well.
If you do not inspire yourself,
where will there be someone else who will give you inspiration?

In this way you will be well inspired!
It is very rare to practice according to the texts,
if one has not avowed from this non-spiritual conduct,
one will not obtain a positive result.

Composing this inspiration to myself,
I request the Gurus to tolerate any contradictions.

This ‘Inspiration to Myself’, written by the Shakya Upasaka Dragpa Gyaltsen is well accomplished.

(Sakya Kambum, Collected Works of Dragpa Gyaltsen, volume Ta, page 308.)

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