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Praise of Jetsun Rinpoche Dragpa Gyaltsen

 I reverently bow to my guru and to Manjugosha.

Lord of the Two Footed,
You cut through the vines that turn life in this world into a net.
You are an ocean of goodness.
You tell people that the path of peace is the best.
You found the level of holiness that you were trying to find.
You are a king.

Guru of the Living,
Your limitless intellect is a word-treasure.
I bow to your feet.
Right now I want write down your life story:
My way of planting flowers for you.

Lord of Dharma,
Palden Chokyi Gyaltsen,
You are expert at everything you study.
What can I say?

Your amazing knowledge of writing and the meanings of words
Is an encouragement to everyone else.
You never run out of well made arrows,
Yet you don’t involve yourself in worldly projects.
You are an inimitable personality.
I bow to you.

You said: “There are numerous reasons words mean what they do.”
Ten million scholars could not contradict this,
As long as they stuck to the truth.

Inside yourself when you sleep
You systematically go over books on the Dharma.
It’s a sure thing that you see all dharmas as they really are.
I bow to you.

You have said that
After we say the name of a Wisdom Being out loud
We will purify ourselves for seven more lifetimes
Then attain realization all by ourselves in that very life.
Critics like me have no doubts about this.
There is a lot of evidence that it’s true.
I praise you and bow to you.

You pay attention to what people think,
And are expert at grammar.
When you find things that contradict the Dharma
You say: “There’s a problem with what you’re saying.”
I am inspired to research the things you consider to be pure.
Scholars everywhere commend you.
I bow to you.

When I come across Dharmas that are difficult to fathom
You say: “You can’t get past this one.”
If we want to find other people who speak with such honesty
We have to look in the Sutras.

You talk exactly like them.
You say exactly what the Sage said.
You have the strength to pay attention
To what is going on during this eon.
I bow to you.

You write for people who are into writings.
You calculate for people who are into calculation.
You give sustenance to people who are trying to stay alive.
You even teach the Dharma to people who long for the Dharma.

You compassionately consider just what will help people,
Then you teach them things that actually help them.
I have not seen any teacher as good as you.
Omniscient One, I bow to you.

Your eloquence is a lion’s roar.
You stand out from the gods, siddhas, and Keepers of Awareness.
You live among the lords of the belly crawlers.
The Victorious Ones commend you for getting along with them.
What do I tell them about the story of your life?

You are concerned about everything.
You even look for virtue in shriveled up things.
I bow to you.

You encourage people to be strong in their commitments.
You listen to them,
See what they need,
And support them.
You are a jewel of virtue and goodness:
The only treasure worth seeking.

But they prop up people who lack any goodness
And tell everyone how great they are.
You actually do have goodness.
The wise tell everyone about you.
I bow to you.

You have learned a great deal and your mind is clear.
You are intelligent.
It’s easy for you to meet with famous people,
People with serious commitments, and the mighty.

You grow faith flowers.
You see things as they are.
Your heart is pure.
You have a good mind.
I bow to you.

You are compassionate to the living.
You don’t toss us out.
Your love is large.
I come to you for shelter.

Your kindness will pass away
No matter what I do.
I am not happy about that.
You said “You are so kind” to me.
When I think about the story of your life
I cry a lot.

There is nothing to dispute.
Nothing is wrong.
It works out faultlessly.
You are pure and your name is good.
Who would come to you just to take your stuff?
I do not praise you because we are relatives.
I praise you because you are kind.
Why shouldn’t I?

If writing this Praise means that I have taken sides,
Let the issues that drag us down be let loose
Like smoke looses fire.
Let’s take a good look at what is good inside us
And praise Dragpa Gyaltsen.
It’s the only way to praise him.

I have drawn on my faith
To put down these words in a hurry.
Please accept them in equanimity.
I beg the patience of scholars who find happiness in words
And of anyone who cares about words.

I reverently distribute this flower
Of Mahatma Lodro Gyaltsen’s goodness.
If there is any merit in it
May I gain the status of Guru for the Three Worlds.

This Praise is being distributed by Palden Kunga Gyaltsen with the hope that clear minded people will appreciate it and be blessed to see that there is wisdom in being compassionate. He touched his head to the toes, the anthers of the lotus feet, of the noble Manjushri and was made a master of the mandala of all that can be known. This praise is in recognition of Dragpa Gyaltsen, an Upasaka of pure lineage. It was written by Kunga Gyaltsen and finished hastily.

Translated by Chris Wilkinson

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